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Try this after you’ve done several warmup setting volleyball drills with your partner. Before this we warmed up with setting and passing variations including setting a ... 1 to self, the 2 to self the 4 to partner. setting a 2 to self then side setting a 4 to partner. In the above video Tehani and Jay are working on:

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Improve balance, stability, and ankle strength by using this lateral hop and hold drill at home. Begin with an athletic stance, knees bent, ready for the ball. Put your weight on your right foot and then jump to the left, landing on the ground once more in your athletic stance waiting for a few seconds.

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To practice setting at home, grab a ball and head to the kitchen (or anywhere with a hard floor) and sit in a computer chair. Then, practice setting so that the ball almost touches the ceiling. Your goal is to keep setting the ball wherever it goes by scooting around on the computer chair.

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Volleyball Setting Drills to do by Yourself Toss to yourself and get 10 balls in the hoop. Play around the world with yourself If you make it into the basket, move to the next marker and try to make your way around the hoop. Start in the center of the hoop and every time you make it take a step back

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Volleyball Setting Drills By Kele Eveland. Kele demonstrates two volleyball setting drills that help the setter "feel" where the middle blocker is going to take-off and land. The drills are designed to help build a better connection between a middle blocker and her setter. YouTube.

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Home Volleyball Workouts Leg Drills. Wall sits (3 sets. ... Quick Feet: Jump Rope Series. Repeat 3 times with a 1-minute rest between sets. Vary your training with this 5-minute... Abdomen Workout. Plank (3 sets. ... Arm Strength. When practicing your volleyball skills at home, concentrate on ...

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Basic Setting Drill. The focus of this drill is to make sure the setter is squarely behind the ball and makes smooth ball contact. One person, a ball tosser, stands 10 feet away from the setter. The setter should begin in a balanced position with hands above the forehead, ready to set the ball.

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Drill Setup: A coach or player to underhand toss balls to the setter. A player standing at each antenna to receive sets and return balls to the coach or player tossing the ball. Setter stands at the setter position, two feet right of center in the front row.