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An age-old argument exists between whether the sport involving kicking a ball into a net to score points is called soccer or football. Essentially, every country aside from the United States, Ireland, Canada, and Australia calls the game football. However, its the British who are at fault for this difference.

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Compared to any sport, soccer has the edge as it has been the most popular sport in the world for decades. We’ll be trying to present you with different concepts that could help clarify which term is correct. England and Soccer. Former English colonies like Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and others call the UK’s football soccer instead. The reason is that the term soccer was actually more popular than football before the 70s in England.

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Americans started to call "football" soccer right away, as it helped distinguish the sport from American Football, which was invented in 1869. The Brits, wanting to distinguish themselves from the Americans, stopped using the word soccer altogether and started referring to it as football again. And there you have it!

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It's the age-old question: Which is correct soccer or football? With the help of the USL Championship's Indy Eleven, we might finally have the answer. The18: Where Footy Fun Ball Lives.

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Although the name soccer came out of the UK, there it is predominantly called football, while elsewhere in a few English speaking countries colonized by the British it called soccer….Name by Nation. Team. Nickname.

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The term football is closer to association football’s original name, while soccer is a derivative of the word association. Neither term is more correct, even though football is more common. It makes sense for countries with different football versions to use the term soccer as this avoids confusion.

Which is the correct term for the game: soccer or football ...

The answer is technically neither. The correct name for the game is “association Football” The term “soccer” is a nickname taken from the asSOCiation part of the name (a bit like someone called Michael is called Mike by some) and the football bit is obvious where that comes from.

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What's the correct term: soccer or football? Even though it's the most popular sport in the world, not everyone can agree on what to call the competition involving 24 players, two teams, two goals and one ball. Some call it "soccer" because it is the short version of "Association Football," the official sports name of the modern game started in 19th century England.