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English Vocabulary for Soccer / Football Equipment. Of course you all know that football requires a ball to play, but what about the other things that are needed to play? Cleats: (Noun) Cleats are small spikes (sharp things that stick out of the shoe) to help the players not slip. Another word for cleats is studs.

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Vocabulary Builder Course. SOCCER. In soccer, you get points by scoring a goal inside the goal. The players wear a special type of shoes called cleats, and also shin guards to protect their legs from kicks. BASEBALL. In baseball, you hit the ball with a bat – and the other players can catch the ball with a glove.

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These are some words and expression related to soccer vocabulary. Team sport. Soccer is a team sport. Wall. Players make a human wall to block a free kick. Referee. Official time keeper of the match. Goal. They just scored a goal.

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Aggressive Soccer Receiving: Receivers are alert with every pass, no matter how imperfect it is, in an effort to prevent a pass from getting away from them. Air Ball: Also called "Lofted Ball" or "Lifted Ball"; when the ball is airborne. Arc: Also called "Penalty Box Arc"; the arc at the top of the penalty box.

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Soccer Vocabulary Word List (416) A) Ability, Accidents, Accuracy, Activity, Adults, Advantage, Affiliation, Aggressive, Agility, Alert, All-pro, All-star, Altercation, Amateur, Appearances, Appreciation, Arena, Argument, Asset, Assistance, Assistant, Athlete, Attentive, Attitude, Average, Awards, Awesome. B)

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El fútbol = soccer. La pelota = ball. El balón = ball. El jugador = player. El futbolista = soccer player. Gol = goal. Golazo = a really good goal, a great goal, etc. Partido = game. Partidazo = a big or important game.

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This is another essential item of Soccer equipment list. Soccer cleats are specially made for soccer players to provide them best comfort and maximum protection. A good cleat simply helps one to increase his/her performance. Generally, soccer cleat has 4 parts. They are – Upper, Insole, Outsole and Heel counter.

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